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Latest Articles

Clarity of Purpose. Flexibility of Process

Or beware consultants with a fixed view.  There is a world of difference between the purpose of your Agency and how you go about it. The purpose should be to solve business problems for your clients. Whether it’s to help them sell more, influence more or promote their brand more effectively that should be your […]

Why Your Agency Will Fail

If you google failure rates for creative agencies you will find various statistics. None are definitive but a survival rate under 50% after 5 years looks about right. So why the high attrition rate? Why do so many dreams turn into disappointment? Maybe some agency founders aren’t good enough designers/marketers/consultants or coders. I have a […]

“Down With This Sort of Thing”

No apologies for hijacking Father Ted’s mild mannered protest against The Passion of Saint Tibulus to complain, mildly, about some of the irritants and bad practices that I’ve come across over the years. In no particular order I’ll hold up my placard to protest the following – Sending RFI’s out to a ridiculous number of […]

In Defence of Timesheets Part 1

Timesheets are not, never have been and most likely never will be, popular. A necessary evil maybe. Alternative value pricing models are seen as the way forward. The argument is usually presented as an either/or but I believe this is a misleading argument for a number of reasons. Namely; 1). The majority of clients aren’t ready […]

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