In Defence of Timesheets Part 1

Timesheets are not, never have been and most likely never will be, popular. A necessary evil maybe. Alternative value pricing models are seen as the way forward. The argument is usually presented as an either/or but I believe this is a misleading argument for a number of reasons. Namely; 1). The majority of clients aren’t ready […]

Budgets and The Art of Storytelling

Recently I was looking forward to sharing next year’s numbers with everyone at one of my lovely clients. Secretly I even enjoy this bit of  public speaking – I love the numbers and I love to share what they mean with a willing audience. I’d put together the budget diligently. I had a robust revenue […]

How To Spot A Profit Vampire

Profitable Agencies have profitable clients. That much is obvious. Growing an Agency will be so much easier and rewarding if you can identify and avoid those profit vampires before they steal your time and destroy your margins. It isn’t always easy to tell if a new client is going to be profitable or not. There are […]

The 10 Numbers Every Agency CEO Has To Know

Most Finance Directors like a good list. Here is one every Agency CEO should be interested in. Client utilisation. How busy are your staff and how much of their time is spent working on client business is a vital piece of information in a business which charges for time. Recovery rate. Mathematically it’s the ratio […]

5 top tax tips for smaller Agencies. Including 1 you won’t have heard of (probably).

Tax avoidance has been much in the news. Mainly because people, generally, don’t like paying taxes. But, in these straightened times, aggressive tax avoidance is frowned upon, But, if there is a legal way to minimise the tax you or your employees pay you’ll take it, right? Below are some of the most common ways […]

Making Smarter Agency Finance Decisions Part 8 – Too Much Information

Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication – Da Vinci We instinctively feel comforted by information. So it’s only natural that, when faced by a decision, we take refuge in information. It seems counter intuitive that, in these days of big data, growing computing power and access to almost every written word at the click of a […]

Making Smarter Agency Finance Decisions Part 7 – The Circle of Competence

“A Man’s Got To Know His Limitations” – Dirty Harry We are better at some things than others. When you are not so sure what you are doing, it is riskier than when you do know. Now that I’ve got the statements of the obvious out of the way I can make my main point. […]