7 deadly sins

The 7 deadly sins for an Agency Finance Director

Indiscretion. You know what everybody earns, who has share options and who doesn’t, who got a bonus and who didn’t. Never be tempted to be indiscreet and never, never use it in your own review. You need to be trusted.

Hubris. When times are good remember its down to the hard work and creativity of your colleagues. Plus you’re always only a phone call from an unhappy client from harder times.

Dishonesty. This is obvious but I mean being honest with your boss. More difficult to do but you’re not paid to automatically agree with your CEO.

Lack of neutrality. It may shock you but I have heard of Agencies where office politics happen. Stay out, be objective.

Procrastination. That problem won’t go away if you ignore it, it’ll only get worse when people wonder why it took you so long to figure it out.

Complexity. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

Impatience. Not everyone will see the world as you do. That’s why you do what you do and they don’t. Take a breath and explain again why it’s important to do timesheets/expenses/make money on a job.

The author, Simon Collard, has had a virtuous career as an FD in marketing services for the past 18 years. Thanks to Mark Bentley, Group FD at Cello for suggesting one of the above which triggered the rest. If you would like a chat about how I can help your Agency make more money please email simon@novemberfriday.wpengine.com