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Latest Articles

Survive or Thrive?

How your revenue forecast could be the difference. A good revenue forecast won’t make your clients happier; it won’t make your agency more creative or your coding more elegant. What it will do is help you manage your costs in line with your income. It will provide a warning of harder times coming or it […]

Why Your Agency Will Fail. Updated.

Why do so many dreams turn into disappointment? Why do so many Agencies fail? Maybe some agency founders aren’t good enough designers/marketers/consultants or coders. I have a feeling, completely lacking in evidence and entirely anecdotal, that most failures will be caused, not by a lack of core talent, but by a lack of wider business […]

How AgencyMAP will increase replace spreadsheets, make life better and increase profits,

There are many, many ways to approach the goal of improving agency profits. Ultimately though it boils down to 2 things; either you increase your revenue or reduce your costs. This is a statement of the obvious. How you go about either (or both) is the challenge. I’ll explain how I go about it a […]

Life is uncertain. Here’s a spreadsheet for that. Part 2

“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs” – Henry Ford   “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo da Vinci   I’m trying to build the best Agency revenue forecast tool. One that helps make more money for Agency owners and manager.   It’s a bold statement. It feels a little uncomfortable […]

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