Finance Director

What do the numbers mean?

Just the right amount of a Finance Director

You may not need a full time FD but you do need expert advice. I can provide this in a number of ways.

Part Time or Virtual FD

Working on site or remotely I add value by advising and supporting at an affordable rate. I have over 20 years experience in Marketing Services that enables me to identify problems quickly and propose solutions cost effectively.

Consultancy as a Service

Cuts through to the heart of the matter quickly and cost effectively. You send me your data and I pinpoint the important issues your Agency faces. The reports are simple to understand and effective. They all come with solutions. No consultancy speak but clear, simple and helpful advice from an experienced Finance Director.


Develop your own finance team. I’ll support and advise them on best practice to help them get there quicker and with better management information to support the Agency. Help retain and motivate your team to grow as your Agency does.