Simon is one of the most unflappable, yet astute Finance Directors I had the pleasure to work with. He is a strong negotiator, who understands the need to secure a win-win outcome whilst at the same time minimising compromises. He was a source of invaluable help and guidance in maintaining strong financial rigour across my accounts. He was also very good at explaining the often complex commercial context to my team, to ensure everyone fully understood their contribution to the financials, no matter what their level. I miss his presence at the agency, and look forward to working with him again somewhere down the line!l

Business Director

Simon has a unique combination of skills. He understands business and that the crucial element to any business is the people and that agencies need clients in order to thrive and will invest where necessary to make it happen. Crucially he has a great knack of being able to see the wood for the trees – helped in no small way by his eagerness to understand what we do and how we do it. He supported me enormously when we worked together, not just in recognising the need to invest money, but also to invest time too. He’s pragmatic, insightful, interesting, intelligent, modest, funny (and fun), hard-working and very human (though he’ll deny that one I suspect ;-). I’d work with or for him again like a shot (and that IS a recommendation!)

Digital Delivery Director

Simon is someone who really understands the challenges of running a profitable data-driven marketing business. I’ve benefitted from his commercial wisdom and support for many years and can highly recommend him. If you need someone commercial who knows agency, marketing and data too, he’s the ideal solution!

Data Operations Director

Simon and I have worked together for 14 years – great skills in interpreting the numbers for non-accountants and then using them to inform business decisions which drive commercial results. And a touchstone of honesty, pragmatism and common sense in a wicked world!

Managing Director

When Simon joined our financials were disconnected from the buisness reality, now they drive the business and underpin every decision, but not in an overbearing way. Light digestible timely insight combined with comprehensive governance.

I get a feeling of security knowing that Simon will red flag anything a long time before it ever becomes a serious issue.


Simon is a rare breed of Finance Director – he combines all the rigour you’d expect with a creative and lateral flair, meaning he is a fantastic asset in any organisation. I’ve worked with him for over 13 years and he still surprises me!

Chief Operating Officer

Simon acts as a Financial Consultant and has provided us with an amazing service. Our business works mainly outside of the UK and can be complex due to local laws, taxes, agreements with working partners etc. For the first time in nine years we have absolute clarity on the day to day workings of the business, this analysis is a tremendous support. He brings simplicity, logic and honesty to what he does making our lives easier. He improved our systems, mentors our finance staff, acts as an advisor to the management team and provides sound legal guidance. A brilliant find.

Business Owner and MD

Simon provides an excellent mentoring service for our Finance Manager, working in a light touch yet highly effective way. For a cost effective monthly investment we get the knowledge and expertise of an experienced agency FD, but in a way that suits our progression to working in a more sophisticated way. Simon is adding huge value to our business by showing us the value of the numbers to the strategy and direction of the business. If you need an FD but can’t afford one full time speak to Simon!

Founder & CEO