To do list

List of Blog Titles; An easy return to writing

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything – blame it on work commitments. Blame it on Brexit. I’ve continued jotting down a blog title as it occurs. Some make sense to me, some I’m genuinely confused by. I’m sure the meanings will come back to me.

So, in a first step back on the blogging treadmill, here are my favourite titles. I’ll get round to fleshing them out very, very soon.

5 Reasons Not to Start An Agency

Things I have learnt this week

A banquet of consequences

Do Bigger Clients Mean Bigger Profits?

Common Mistakes By Agency Founders

The Cashflow blog

Learning To Love Your Numbers

Small Agency Financial Model

Perfect Board Meeting Agenda

Pipeline; People; Profits; Plans

Low overheads and underpaid owners – the curse of a growing start up.

Always believe good stuff

Are time sheets a good thing?

Information is a measure of how difficult a thing is to describe

Selling, Doing and Counting

What is your cognitive bias of choice?

The 3 minute P&L

A 3 month rescue plan

Winter is Coming

1 hour a week finance

And my personal favourite;

Dance Monkey, Dance