“My formula for success is rise early, work late, and strike oil” J.P Getty

2 out of 3 isn’t too bad is it? Striking oil, though,  is a little unlikely in my patch of suburbia. Geology (and most likely local planning) isn’t in my favour.

This applies both to me, as a freelancer, and all agencies in that hard work is necessary but not sufficient for success.  What you are doing, how you position yourself and package your services, your knowledge and your expertise is the equivalent of striking oil. It is the thing that will put you ahead of the competition. It is the thing that will make you more profitable.

Every Agency I’ve worked for works hard and none of them get paid for all of the hours they work. Whilst they may not get in too early they all stay to get the job done. 

The need  to work efficiently is obvious. Being efficient will never strike oil for you though.

We have to keep drilling though. Keep looking for opportunities to turn our knowledge into products. Keep looking at our pricing stack to make sure we are sharing in the value we create. Keep asking ourselves if we are still relevant; still answering (and asking) the right questions; still responding to what our clients really need and want.

Take a step back every now and again, get out of the office or talk to different people to check you’re still as relevant, needed and important to your clients (and future clients). If you do a budget make sure it’s not just a numbers exercise. Make it a proper strategic exercise.  

For myself, I know debits and credits. I’ve picked up some knowledge of what makes creative agencies tick. My focus, for the moment, is packaging that experience up in a range of products and services that answers what I think every Agency needs. 

This includes a revenue forecast that helps you look into the future and plan your business more effectively.  There is a CFO report that gives you CFO level insight into your business at a fraction of the cost.

These products will save you time. They will point the way towards success. The oil strike I can’t promise – check out the details  https://bit.ly/2Rl98l2