What The Cost of a Flat White Tells Me About Pricing

I was queuing to get my morning coffee the other day. In front of me a woman was doing the same – she ordered a small cappuccino. With chocolate on top (don’t get me started on that). Her cappuccino was £2.45 whilst my skinny flat white came to £2.90. 45 pence more expensive. A price […]

“My formula for success is rise early, work late, and strike oil” J.P Getty

2 out of 3 isn’t too bad is it? Striking oil, though,  is a little unlikely in my patch of suburbia. Geology (and most likely local planning) isn’t in my favour. This applies both to me, as a freelancer, and all agencies in that hard work is necessary but not sufficient for success.  What you […]

Top 10 Cashflow Errors Agencies Make

Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity. We’ve all heard this haven’t we? It’s only partly true as you can be profitable and still have negative cashflow. Try keeping sane without any money to pay next month’s salary bill. How does this happen? Many Agencies make the following common mistakes. Here they are and how to […]

Resilience is key to Agency Longevity.

So far, so obvious. But what does resilience mean? The ability to carry on? To shrug off bad news and concentrate on the next thing? To keep working towards your goals? Well, yes, these are certainly resilient behaviours but to be truly resilient you need more. You need to know how to know how bad […]

Survive or Thrive?

How your revenue forecast could be the difference. A good revenue forecast won’t make your clients happier; it won’t make your agency more creative or your coding more elegant. What it will do is help you manage your costs in line with your income. It will provide a warning of harder times coming or it […]

Why Your Agency Will Fail. Updated.

Why do so many dreams turn into disappointment? Why do so many Agencies fail? Maybe some agency founders aren’t good enough designers/marketers/consultants or coders. I have a feeling, completely lacking in evidence and entirely anecdotal, that most failures will be caused, not by a lack of core talent, but by a lack of wider business […]

How AgencyMAP will increase replace spreadsheets, make life better and increase profits,

There are many, many ways to approach the goal of improving agency profits. Ultimately though it boils down to 2 things; either you increase your revenue or reduce your costs. This is a statement of the obvious. How you go about either (or both) is the challenge. I’ll explain how I go about it a […]